Located in Central Califonia
1.5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area
Our English Cream Golden Retrievers are imported from France and Holland with many beautiful champions in their bloodlines.
English Cream Golden Retrievers have a "heart of gold" making a premier family  pet and loving companion. They are mild mannered having a " lay at your feet " personality. English Retrievers are known for their beautiful thick wavy coats being almost white to light cream in color. They have a shorter, stockier body, with boxy face and muzzle then the American Golden Retriever.

Goldendoodles are a hybrid cross between a Poodle and
Golden Retriever. F-1 or "hybrid vigor" is the first cross between two purebred lines producing a healthier dog. The Goldendoodle puppies take on the best traits of both parents. Goldendoodles are everyone's friend, very intelligent and easily trained. "Gentle"  being the single most commonly used word to describe them. They also are becoming popular guide and therapy dogs. Goldendoodles have a beautiful long coat that is soft in texture and can be straight, wavy or have a loose curl with low shed to no shed.  Through surveys, it has been determined that even the low shedding dogs are hypo-allergenic for most allergy sufferers. Our colors range from English cream, light golden, to black velvet. Our Standard English Cream Goldendoodles will weigh 50-70 lbs. Our Medium Goldendoodles will weigh 20-40 lbs.
Goldendoodles are happiest with people and other dogs. We think they make the perfect family pet and companion!

Our dogs have been carefully selected for breeding with AKC Champion Line Pedigrees, and no history of genetic defects. Our goal is to breed dogs that are physically sound, with intelligent personality, and beautiful to look at! We take special pride in our dogs friendly and calm temperaments.
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